About Us

Let’s face it. Nearly everyone at a deer auction writes the closing bids in their auction catalogues, takes them home and forgets about them. The data acquired at the auction, while extremely valuable, gets lost in the business of life.

My wife, Debra, and I attended our first deer auction in January 2015. We came to “observe” and “learn”. However, even with that goal, we ended up making amateur mistakes that cost us 1,000s of dollars.

No matter how much “observing” you do, without good data, it is nearly impossible to make good purchasing (or sales) decisions.

And yes, over the next couple of auctions we attended, we wrote in our auction catalogues, brought them home, and never opened them again. I thought, “there had to be a better way.” And there was!

Since 2015 we have recorded nearly every auction sale and loaded them into a website that would track prices by every conceivable way. We started using this data to make our own purchases. We easily spotted buying opportunities based on current trends and recent sales. Instead of purchasing deer at a price we later regretted, we bought with confidence and saved lots of money!

We realized the Whitetail deer industry could benefit from real world data and online programs. So, in 2016 we established RANCH360 to serve the ranching industry with quality programs that serve our clients with Whitetail Prices becoming our flagship offering!

Debra and I are ranchers like our clients. We now know the industry pitfalls and opportunities. Today we would not think of buying a deer (or any animal) without having good data to confirm our buying (or selling) decisions. We now have two properties, north of Dallas, and raise Whitetail deer, Bongo, Nubian Ibex, Transcaspian Urials and the best pure Markhor goats Texas has to offer.